Sellsy monitors API usage to ensure a quality experience for all users. To this end, you can perform up to 432 000 requests per day.

If you go over the allowed threshold, our servers will send you a HTTP 429 "Too Many Requests" code. You will then have to wait a few seconds before being allowed to use the API again.

This quota is verified each second (5 requests / second). We advise you to spread out your request over time.

In order to save your requests quota, we advise you to refine requests sent to our API and to only run necessary ones.

Some resources are static, or do not move a lot. Instead of retrieving these resources each time you run your script, you can store them in a temporary cache or database on your side.

Storage engine examples:

If you need to know the evolution of your Sellsy account data, you can use webhooks. These are triggered each time data is recorded, allowing you to follow the activity of your Sellsy account in real time, and to run programmatic actions after each evolution.

Use case examples:

  • To be notified each time a prospect is created
  • To be notified each time a product comes into stock
  • Hundreds of other possibilities...