Here you will find all the information needed to use the API to create your application.

To connect to the API you need two things:

  • Your tokens (those that you received after creating your application)
  • The Urls access to the API:
    • Base Address:
    • Request token :
    • Accès token :

We invite you to read the section 'First Steps'. You then need to create your first application in your Sellsy account settings. Please note the token / secret and token consumer / user. They will help you during the authentication API.

Visit the download section to get the code of the demo application as well as two classes sellsyTools and sellsyConnect. (download)

OAuth more specific terms are used in this documentation, the following meanings:

  • OAuth - Means a security protocol exchanges for API. More information on the official site (here).
  • Consumer - Refers to the application that you will develop.
  • Token - Means a unique identifier required for user identification OAuth. It is represented by a hash of 35 characters.
  • Secret - Denotes the secret key that allows secure exchanges via OAuth. He is also represented by a hash of 35 characters.

In the examples, the parameters will be denoted as follows:

  • {{param}}

For example {{class}}.}} {{Method will Client.getList value.

To use the API sellsy, you can use OAuth or Curl, depending on your preference and your server configuration. Data that is sent and received from the API can be formatted in two ways:

  • JSON - Currently the only method of formatting.
  • XML - This mode will be integrated soon.

The IO_mode parameter is specified in the queries. You can find more details in the section.

In order to discuss with the API you will need to go through 3 steps:

  • The Authentication
  • Sending and receiving data
  • Error handling

We provide PHP classes allow you to perform these 3 steps. (download)

There's a total of 3 classes:

  • sellsyTools : Class tools.
  • sellsyConnect : The default class using OAuth to interact with the API. It allows applications to private and public.
  • sellsyConnect_curl : Class using Curl to interact with the API. It allows private applications only.

You choose the class that best suits your needs.