Our API allows developers to create applications based on Sellsy technology.

Before you begin First steps

What you can do

Some ideas for using our API

Create a connector

Use the API to create your own connector and discuss with Sellsy anywhere.

List yours contacts

List, create, edit your contacts in your own application? No problem, the API provides methods to do so.

Analyze your data

You can easily get your data and process it.


You are a prestashop user? magento one? Use the API to sync everything with Sellsy!


That you should read before you start

First steps

The first step to start with the API. You will find general information in order to use the API.


Usage instructions:

What you need to know to use the API. Access, naming conventions, data formatting, authentication ...

I want to know!


Complete documentation. You will find instructions, methods manifest, API messages...

Read the doc

Report a bug

Found a bug? Feature idea? Help us to make the API even better.